Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Blender? • Tasty

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  1. Poor Alexa she didn’t know she didn’t have to use dairy I feel sorry for her that she was told that in the middle of the vid she was propably kind of embarrassed

  2. Course one: crackers with cheese mousse. and sliced meats
    Course two: broccoli & squash soup
    Course three: chocolate mousse with marshmallows OR citrus salad with whipped cream

  3. Do people not realise that the producer said it at that moment to literally give the audience an inclination that this would be a plant-based meal. It wasn’t for Alexis. This show is so staged but it’s really subtle and covers their “staging” up well. It’s just that the scripwriters this time could’ve done a better job for that moment.

  4. yall overreacting with the producer thing. yeah they coulda mentioned it earlier but they could've forgotten. Besides, it's not like they were humiliating Alexis. Stop hating on people for no reason

  5. They probably shoulda told her the taste tester was vegan before the episode started. I mean it's cool that they caught the cheese, but what if she wanted to do some kind of raw fish course?

  6. In all honesty, I’m thinking Alexis maybe just derped on the pesto because pesto has a very traditional flavour profile and sometimes your brain just goes on auto when making some things because everything else she did was dairy free

  7. Does it make anyone else feel kind of nervous that she didn't immediately just put the cheese away, wash her hands, and her station? Like what if it wasn't just a dietary choice but an actual food allergy? There was no concern about cross-contamination. Honestly, after she had made her plan and set her ingredients for the next shot, the producers should have told her then off camera before filming the next segment to exclude the parm. She could have mentioned changing her og plan when she made the pesto and the audience would get the same-she doesn't know who her taste tester is-experience.

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