Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Tea Kettle?

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  1. you know its copium the moment the word “rustic” came in when she was constructing the strawberry-rhubarb compote thingy 😂😂

  2. I wonder if dropping a metal plate or small metal grill inside the kettle along with some water, then taking it out swiftly with a pair of tongs and wiping it dry before pressing it against the cake could have done the trick for the toasting of the cake

  3. bro if Alexis is making this with appliances you aren’t supposed to make 3 course meals in how killer is her actual cooking?! o.o

  4. I wonder what dessert options would have done well with the kettle. I appreciate that she probably picks something more difficult to make the finished video more interesting than just "boil stuff" but attempting to toast was a bit silly.
    I wonder if it would have been possible to rig up a double boiler for chocolate? Or make a slightly more unusual dessert that is boiled, like clootie dumpling, or sweet pierogis.

  5. Never put anything other than water in the kettle or you will break it.
    Anyway, you can still cook with the boiled water some eggs, oatmeal, 3 minute ramen, thin slices of fish and chiken and also vegetables in smaller chunks.

  6. Is she Russian? She always makes iconic Russian foods like blini and kompot
    Although she doesn't say it properly which makes me doubt it and kopot is supposed to be a drink not a jam varenya is supposed to be a homemade jam so idk

  7. 🤣 liquid is needed always in a kettle. Next time make bread and butter pudding in it might work better since needs liquid.

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