Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Toaster Oven? • Tasty

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  1. I don't know if it's her clothes or something weird with the lighting or camera, but she looks so dark and desaturated compared to the rest of the kitchen.

  2. Spoiler, all cheese is not mold. My mom is allergic to mold and she would be leading a very depressing life without cheese. She's already sad enough without her blue cheese.

  3. You can basically cook everything in a toaster oven. They maybe don't have the same heat conduction like a big oven would, or the "air mode" (don't know how to call it in an other way xd), but if you know how, you can make anything in these.

  4. I am the only one in the house with allergies so when the regular oven broke down I got a toaster oven to cook my regular meals in. I still use it but not exclusively.

  5. Oh yeah love my little toaster oven! I've made a pound of meat loaf in it. Just toasted some bread crispy for the bread crumbs and just use a small 6*9 pyrex dish and you're golden! Oh yeah don't forget to line the dish with parchment or foil and cover with foil. Made it twice and both times tastes great 👍

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