Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With An Egg Cooker?

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  1. she could have baked the pancakes on the metal part that gets hot… if it can boil water like that means it has got plenty of heat to bake a pancake. Not sure why she chose to steam them.

  2. I’m Chinese and the way she made dumplings were insulting! Like okay if you add cabbage to anything SQUEEZE the water or your going to get wet, soggy, floppy dumplings like what happened there. Also what’s up with those tiny dumpling wrappers that fit like no filling at this point all your eating is dough, like get bigger wrappers and I beg you just mix some water and flour to make homemade wrappers those dumpling wrappers were as dry as the desert how are you meant to make it taste good when the wrappers don’t even stick to each other without water.

  3. Ahhh crepes!- I’m an Aussie and for some reason, I too grew up eating crepes and calling them pancakes. To this day I still prefer them to American style pancakes!
    We ALWAYS had them spread with butter, lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar! 😋

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