Can This Chef Make Canned Tuna Fancy? • Tasty

Make your OWN fancy recipe with this interactive Make It Fancy episode: Rie is challenged to upgrade …


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  1. Geez the way that I like Rie…. I can't explain. She is such an amazing chef but she's not arrogant as like lots of chefs. She is simple and extraodinary at the same time

  2. 69 cent can of tuna with $25 caviar might taste a bit better 🙂 well done chef!

    trust me mix the tuna with regular mayo, vinegar and salt and put it on a crusty bit of french stick bread. voila!

  3. I challenge you to make okra Fancy. In a stew okra gets slimy and nasty but just fried isn’t fancy enough. Another challenge…Pork rinds! Good luck. Love you show. Sell “make it fancy” shirts. 😉

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