Can This Chef Make Doritos Fancy? • Tasty

Rie is challenged to make Doritos into a fancy meal! #FancyFriday Check out the newest MAKE IT FANCY MERCH!


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  1. at first this is my first comment on this choanal and i think that you made it so fancy i will use it thank you for this amazing meal and i also want to thank all the crow for the great job they do from filming to editing all of it is great keep going you inspire allot of people

  2. Oh my god! Now I know how my dog feels when he can’t eat food he see’s. Those nacho’s not only look scrumptious, but they look damn well near life changing!!!! I almost drooled on myself.

  3. She: "Doritos chips are a little too heavily seasoned for me"
    Also her: Makes a recipe using a ton of Doritos chips and seasoning everything with a ton of spices
    Me: "Ok lol"

  4. Me: basically eats everything available in my area
    Me. Sees black beans

    Literally the word only makes me creep out, idk why. I even dont care about eating grasshopper or so, but black beans, they are the worst

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