Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?

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  1. When i make tapatio ramen i always add steak. And in the steak drippings i half cook mushrooms green onion cabbage/shaved brussels. Then i add the veggies and juices ontop of the ramen then add the seasonings and garlic powder and onion powder a few dashes of Cholula hot sauce then the water, cook the ramen. Mix everything add slices of the medium rare ribeye ontop. It is heaven.

  2. good thing they removed the 30 minute rule huh

    i think this series was geared more towards kinda broke kinda busy young people but that got lost somewhere along the way

    it's for the best tho coz the more recent episodes really brought out rie's creativity

  3. "Instant noodles don't have much of nutrition in it"
    Me : bruh whaaattt…i eat them as part of my diet, it probably best high calories/cheap food i know and the nutrition value there is no joke

  4. In Thailand we have the dish that look similar to this dish that called 'ราดหน้าบะหมี่กรอบ' (Rad-nah-bah-mee-krob) or 'บะหมี่กรอบราดหน้า' (Bah-mee-krob-rad-nah). That is crispy noodle with gravy sauce, any kind of vegetables and meats. And Yeah! It's so fancy dish. so, Watching this video remind me to บะหมี่กรอบราดหน้า and make my mouth watering. Thanks for the fancy dish Rie and Tasty team 😍

  5. I’m sorry to saying this but you Chopped all that ginger but only used may not be even half and you got like 10 mins left?!? umm good show..👏🏻👏🏻

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