Can This Chef Make Lunchables Fancy? • Tasty

Make your OWN fancy recipe with this interactive Make It Fancy episode: Is it possible for Rie to make …


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  1. I want to make my little girl her school lunch, I'm hoping tasty will give me some ideas..whether it be for a woman or my little girl I'm all ears….

  2. Hehehe…., are u made kids meal with little bit vodka calories? I think every your cuisines unlike my Indonesian cuisines, you're always take your 2 tbsp cooking wine, so fancy… 🤔😅

  3. My cousin's name is Benjamain like that sauce because my uncle had that sauce on chicken while his wife was giving birth 😰😰💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

  4. I like to imagine the situation where Andrew told Ríe there’s such thing as brunchables. Like, the fact he told her it comes with mimosas, such a cute lie lmao

  5. Wow. You really outdid yourself with this one. It is so hard to pick a favorite of all the fancy twists she's added to every day snacks and quick eats but this, the pop tart one and the beef ravioli are among her best creations.

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