Can This Chef Make Twinkies Fancy? • Tasty

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  1. I knew Rie was going to use dark chocolate because dark chocolate is bitter and twinkies are very sweet. And she said she needed something to cancel out the sweetness of the twinkie

  2. Make __ fancy

    -ice cream sandwich
    -lindor truffles/a mixed box of pralines
    -beyond meat
    -pop tarts
    -pizza pocket
    -sunchips/party mix chip bag/indian snack mix i.e. yankee traders or sheffa bombay mix
    -nanaimo bars
    -instant oatmeal
    -dried fruits and nut mix
    -store bought cake
    -starbucks' iced mocha fraps
    – mcdonalds' apple pies

  3. OMG SHE KNEW TWINKIE FROM ZOMBIELAND????Lol I actually love that movie!Oof i forgot the boy who was looking for twinkies since the movie started.

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