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  1. I’m southern and we eat tf outta pumpkin pie. I don’t know many that skip out on pumpkin pie but yes sweet potato pie is delicious lol.

  2. I wish she had her own show. I love her and everything she makes. I'm born in raised in Kentucky and I also live by her Theory on Butter, the more the more delicious. Butter is a seasoning in my house. Hahaha.

  3. This is inspiring for anyone with a small budget who doesn't think they can do a nice holiday meal. You can! AYO is the best Tasty Chef and deserves a dedicated channel, or FoodNetwork tv show! She never disappoints. As for this excellent holiday meal, if you were so inclined it would take less than $10 additional, to bake up some sweet potatoes, a corn pudding casserole, and fresh-made cranberry sauce (no cans!) What a beautiful, old fashioned, traditional Thanksgiving meal. And let your guests bring the wine!

  4. 30 dollars I cook:
    Target Turkey breast basted with chicken broth solution for 8 bucks and come with gravy packet
    Brussel sprouts with bacon and onion for 5 bucks. Buy 3 packs frozen from Kroger. Fry onion and bacon together add chicken broth and brussel sprouts and any herbs.
    Corn pudding casserole for 5
    2 cans cream corn 2 can corn kernels 1 16 oz container of sour cream 1 stick butter melted 2 boxes jiffy corn muffin mix 3 eggs dash of sugar- no more than 1/3 cup mix all in bowl dump in high wall casserole or 913 p as n bake 400 degrees 50 min.
    Mac and cheese 7 bucks
    3 8oz cheese
    24 oz Macaroni
    1 can Evaporated milk and some whole milk
    2 eggs 1 stick butter
    Stuffing with chicken broth onion celery cooked in butter herbs add chicken broth and 2 box stuffing 3 bucks
    Mashed potatoes with dry chives 3 bucks
    For 8 bucks more
    1 Patty Pie 4 bucks
    1 chocolate pie 4 bucks or dump cake
    Ambrosia or pistachio salad also

  5. This turned out phenomenal. The cheat meringue is SO smart! It looks amazing. And the garnishes with the turkey breasts are beautiful. Thanks Chef Ayo!

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