Can You Stack 100 Pancakes? • Tasty

The sky is the limit! Well, the pancakes are the limit as Katie tries to build the ultimate stack. Follow Katie!


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  1. She shld have made them all big..
    Not to sound like a science nerd but a greater base area of support ensures more stability because centre of gravity passes through base

  2. why dont you add several skewers in between the layers? like, insert 4 skewers into a stack of 20 pancakes before adding more to the tower? i think this will increase its integrity

  3. i wish tasty and buzzfeed would just tastefully bow out. they're not at the top anymore. they had a great reign…but they need to leave us alone now

  4. Man… i thought you'd say you'd give them to help people in need of basic resources. You know, somewhere where it could be given to poor people instead of your co workers, AT BUZZFEED obviously not struggling to get at least 1 meal a day….

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