Canning Tomatoes Like My Italian Grandma Used to Do It!

Canning tomatoes has never been easier with my easy step-by-step how-to instructions, including recipes and video. Once you …


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  1. 1. I just use a potato peeler to remove the skins. Quick for me and avoids all those extra steps.
    2. I use citric acid instead of lemon juice. Avoids altering the flavor. 1/4 tsp per pint, 1/2 tsp per quart.
    3. Some recommend adding salt for flavor. 1/2 tsp per pint, 1 tsp per quart. BUT … do NOT use table salt; the additives cause cloudiness. Use canning salt (preferred) or sea salt as an alternative.

  2. Canned tomatoes are the best! Can I offer some advice though? Always add the lemon juice. The acid level is KEY in preventing botulism. Tomatoes nowadays are bred with lower acidity levels. You don't always know the acid level of your tomatoes, so better safe than sorry. Also, ALWAYS process the jars. Just putting hot food in a jar isn't enough, even if that lid "pops." Canning is fun and a great way to preserve your harvest, but should always be done safely.

  3. One can use a ph strip to double check the acid, don't just guess if there is enough acid. 

    A high acid level (pH of 4.6 or less) prevents the growth of Clostridium botulinum bacteria which causes botulism.

  4. Thank you for making it easy and stress free video! I’ve watched others and people were talking about botulism, and that I shouldn’t use fresh lemon only bottled etc. I almost gave up on canning until I saw your video!

  5. Thank you for this episode. What kind of tomatoes were those? They look like heirlooms, which are my favorites.

    I’ve built two raised veg beds and was going to plant tomatoes. I’m here in central Florida. Thank you again

  6. How are you not on the Food Network, or the Cooking Channel?😳 Don’t get me wrong, you’re crushing it here. You definitely don’t appear to be hurting. Recording studio kitchen, bomber equipment, restaurant. Sorry, I meant that as a compliment. I watch your videos orders of magnitude more than I watch either of those channels anyway 😆

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