Carolina Hoppin’ John Recipe

Take a trip to the Carolinas with this very easy to make classic Hoppin’ John recipe that is jam-packed with peas, beans, and …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Pro pro tip. Cure and smoke your own bacon. Cut off the pelical off when you’re ready to cut slices. Cut the pelical into big chunks. Using this is best for longer timed dishes as it retains more smoke flavour over longer periods.

  2. man. it's hard to find someone so adept at such a wide variety of local specific foods, and does grey w8th them. TY for paying the lowcountry some live, and thank you for all the great recipes

  3. Just made this using your recipe today. I live in California, so I ordered some red peas and Carolina Gold rice from Anson Mills. Substituted shredded smoked turkey neck for the bacon, and used some rendered duck fat in place of the bacon grease. OH MY MY….SO GOOD! Keep these videos coming PLEASE Chef Billy..

  4. Hi! Just finished making this dish! Used black eyed peas instead of cow peas and added some Turkey Smoked sausage into the mixture. It's soooooo good! My mom and grandmother would have been very proud to taste this! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. Chef: “BILLY PICK UP 4 RICE”
    Billy: “the pantry commis fucked up the mirepoix, it’s a brunoise, and the peas are fucked”
    Chef: “HOW LONG?”
    Billy: “bout an hour, I’ll make it happen”

  6. Happy New Year!

    Sorry Chef, but you confuse me with the way you say you’re making a traditional hopin john and then add in your own take and say that’s the way we do it. I am not hating on you just letting you know. I have a ton of respect and love for you brother just disagree on adding collards to hopin john.

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