Chicken Drumsticks Made from TOFU SKINS? This VEGAN CHICKEN Tastes SO REAL?!

After weeks of testing my own variation on this recipe, I think I’ve made the most realistic vegan chicken recipe ever. These chicken drumsticks are made from …


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  1. It’s really not necessary to have so many of the video thumbnails look like your having an orgasm or in a really cliche bad hetero porno. It’s vegan food… you don’t need to sexualize it. It’s kinda ridiculous.

  2. These look SO GOOD! I'm thinking about a turkey substitute for Thanksgiving, and would love to make it gluten free. I wonder if I can combine this recipe with the Vegan Turkey Roast recipe (avoiding use of seitan) from last year. Any thoughts?

  3. Those look delicious! I’m wondering if you rehydrate the tofu skins directly in the flavored broth instead of soaking in water first, if the skins would absorb more flavor?

  4. Those looked delicious! Though, personally speaking, the best vegan chik'n drumsticks I ever had used sugar cane for the "bone" portion instead of wood: edible, less going into a landfill afterwards, and added some sweetness to the savory nature!

  5. your top is so beautiful, what a stunning outfit! you look so beautiful, i hope you are feeling well, too! ♥ thanks for this amazing recipe!

  6. By the way, soaking the tofu skin in cold water for a longer period of time will change the texture of the Tofu skin to have more elasticity. Hot water will shrink the time for hydration period, but the tofu skin will have a more floppy texture. The cold water texture, you can definitely try out for other recipes.

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