Chicken Drumsticks Made from TOFU SKINS? This VEGAN CHICKEN Tastes SO REAL?!

After weeks of testing my own variation on this recipe, I think I’ve made the most realistic vegan chicken recipe ever. These …


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  1. I like how u use the counter to hold u up. Its like you’re hungover and really dont feel like doing this video, but since u promised, u will do your best lol. Can u make another video with you laying on the floor with a pillow and talking us through the recipe?

  2. Can I prepare these up until the bone-wrapping stage and then refrigerate until ready to bake? I'll be baking instead of deepfrying. Possible to prep and pause? Or will midway refrigeration deteriorate the skin texture?

  3. Hey Edgy Veg, just came across your channel and blog. Great recipe/idea here. I'm going to have to try it! Since I don't have bones I was thinking of just forming the yuba into chicken tenders and wrapping them in half rice paper sheets.

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