Chicken Fried Steak Recipe with Homemade Gravy

You will absolutely love this tender delicious breaded chicken fried steak recipe with homemade gravy that comes together in 30 …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. The pan drippings and the seasoned flour undoubtedly make a fine gravy. Then again, it might be overkill. Chef Billy's method offers a mellower balance. You can always add spices–but never remove them. The basic milk gravy is the safest starting point, then one can jazz to taste if desired.

  2. Made this tonight & the family enjoyed it. I added a few more ingredients to the gravy but other then that, I followed the recipe. I served it with your garlic mashed potato recipe 👌🏻 thanks for your easy instructions 🥰

  3. I’m confused. Why not call it crumbed steak. I don’t see any chicken associated with it at all… Or chicken flavour or seasoning.

  4. Chef Parisi, man you've done it again! This dish took me back to my childhood! Used to love watching and helping my grandmother make Chicken Fried Steak (aka Smothered Steak) and Mashed Potatoes! We used to have it with brown gravy. Southern Food often gets a bad rep because of the high carbs but for me it's delicious and a celebration of my culture. Thank you for your wonderful videos!

  5. I completely forgot about chicken fried steak. Bringing back memories of my Marine meals at a mess hall…lol. I will try this very soon but the best part, I get to take my time and actually enjoy it. Btw glad you’re not wearing that horrible St. Louis Cardinals hat.
    Go Cubbies!

  6. Great instructions for a simple dish. I have made this for years but not as good as your recipe! Thanks for your suggestions on how to make Chicken Fried Steak even better.

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