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  1. Looks tasty! Can someone please help me answer a question: if this is made in a larger batch and kept in a airtight container, how long will it last in the fridge? Thank You!

  2. Hello Manjula, I have missed seeing your cooking videos and hope you are doing alright. If you are on holiday, best wishes for a relaxing, enjoyable time. Hope to see more new cooking videos from you very soon. Thanks for the wonderful recipes you share and the great way you teach us the fine points of Indian cooking. – Robyn, Stillwater, MN

  3. This is a great recipe! I'll be trying it soon. I noticed that this kitchen is very different from your earlier videos. Did you move to a new house or just remodel your kitchen? The new setup is very nice!

  4. Wow Manjula-ji! 70 million views almost..great. I have been watching since early 2007..i had even written an email to you back then and you had replied 🙂 Thanks and keep uploading!

  5. You make me smile. This looks like a simple, healthy recipe. I must try it. I'm going to have to combine it in my blender, as I don't have a food processor. Should still be delicious.

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