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  1. You know what I've always wondered, just how different the same dish(s) would be if you cooked them using your average store bought ingredients vs. if you cooked them using 100% natural ingredients. By 100% natural, I mean ABSOLUTELY ZERO chemicals were added or even used to create such an ingredient. Like you know how when you look at the ingredients list at the back of let's say store bought pasta noodles it would say all these different chemicals for things such as color, consistency, etc… Well what if you made a pasta dish with none of that? Of course, I'm just using pasta as an example, but it can be anything really. In fact I'd like to take it a step further and go as far back as no genetically-altered meats and plants, no fertilizers, etc… What I'm basically saying is that what if you only used ingredients made naturally by mother earth to cook a certain dish and then compare it against one that was made using your normal store bought items. Would they taste any different? Would they look different?

  2. Disney Pixar characters don’t exist. Yes I’m correct and y’all say they do, but no y’all are wrong and I’m correct. They don’t exist. And I disagree with y’all. By the way, tasty is the worst cooking channel ever

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