Chinese Fried Sesame Balls • Tasty

A traditional and popular classic dessert served during Lunar New Year, Chinese fried sesame balls will satisfy your sweet …


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  1. I so desperately want to make these! I can get them rather cheap at my local international market, when they're in stock, but I'd love to try them made from scratch!

  2. Made this a few nights ago and they were delicious! I added a little extra water though, because my dough looked nowhere near yours

  3. About to attempt this! My first time as it’s my favorite childhood snack. As a beginner, I’m confused at what temperature I let the beans “simmer” at for an hr?

  4. I saw another one making the red bean paste and hers after cooking wasn’t dark red but light pink.paste. Do you use a special red bean that’s darker ?

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