Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe with Fresh Strawberries

I’ve been making cheese cakes since I started working in the restaurant industry when I was 13. We used to make a special …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Hi, I really like your recipe. I think for me and my dad I will leave out the extra topping. It's a bit too much sugar. I did want to ask a question. If I used a store bought Oreo cookie crust, do I still bake the cheesecake part in the shell?

  2. Billy, that is the most decadent cake i have ever seen, and i'm a chocoholic!! choc cake, icing, so much cream cheeses, sour cream, cream everywhere, but its way too big for me 2 endeavor, and my fridge is too full, but perhaps for a big b'day coming up…as i have 3 new s'form pans, 8, 9, 10 inch so ready for all cheese cakes! thx, u looked so happy making this, :): kelli

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