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  1. I love your recipes miss Manjula, thank you for publishing them, you truly are a great cook. I have one question about the black salt; is there a big taste difference between that and regular salt, or is it possible to replace with regular (or some other kind) salt?

  2. please sort all the easy receipes like these in one category or give them a title easy to make, so it will be easier for us to find . guys like me does like it
    thank you

  3. Thank u manjula aunty for showing such a good recipe. Whenevr i try to make anythng i get confused totally but u make so easy. I m going to try my fav dish out.

  4. Auntie, I'm catching up on all of your videos. This one is one of the best, although ALL of yours are the best.

    I have everything I need to make this in the house except for the fresh lemons. I'll get them and make it for my husband this weekend. Thank you!

    Lunitaa, I've been able to get everything I need at Indian stores. There are also some good ones online. I recommend dry beans, but I've used canned in chole without problems.

  5. Hi..never cooked Indian food before but you make it easy,( well not easy 🙂 ) What kind of flour is that? Can I use canned chickpeas, already cooked? is mango powder, black salt sold in Indian stores? Thank you so much for your great instructions..everything I have tried has been delicious. You are a good teacher.

  6. @Manjulaskitchen Thankyou Auntiji for considering my request…….first thing i would like to know wheat free roti…….im dying to eat that….as we r punjabis so roti is must…..but i tried many diff…flours to make roti…but in vain:-( pls help

  7. auntiji….im from a punjabi family… u know we use garlic and onion a lot…..but after trying ur receipes……it was something diffrent and v yummy…..thanx
    also its a request to u if u post someof the wheat and gluten free indian receipes…as i am allergic to gluten, also it will be a diffrent experience for u….im sure there are so many people around who r facing the same problem…..pls try to help us too.

  8. I am new to Indian cuisine but I love it! I was wondering what are the essential spices that I should buy- the ones that will be used in many Indian food recipes.

    By the way, I love watching your videos- they are great!

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