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  1. I have a basic question about cooking sausage. Whether cooking patties or “crumbles”, I get a really tough sticky residue on any kind of pan… cast iron or even non stick. I never cook more than halfway between LO & MED on the stovetop (electric). Is there any way to prevent this?

  2. I have not come across a chef as helpful as u, I commend ur dedication to helping people. God bless u and ur family. Ur kids are beautiful and u are the best dad considering this world. Thank u.

  3. Chef since u are a Jesus follower u will never die, yes u may disappear from our presence on earth, but u will surely get to cook for the wedding supper of the Lamb. I cant wait to taste.

  4. I was sorry to have missed this! I love your videos and I am so happy I found your channel months ago. Some of these recipes have become staples in my kitchen and some of my most favorite recipes I have ever made. Thank you for the great content. Cheers!

  5. Op eerste kerstdag heb ik de kalkoen zoals door jou beschreven gekookt. Geweldig. Ook de spruitjes, de cranberry’s en de pompoen waren overheerlijk. Dank vanuit Nederland!!

  6. I missed this live but you mentioned how you like plain and fast foods. My son used to live in Mammoth Lakes. When he knew I was driving up there, he would call me and ask me to stop and get him food from Taco Bell. Taco Bell was in Bishop. 45 minutes away! LOL! He is an executive chef now and he definitely likes simple.

  7. Preparing the standing rib roast (“prime rib”) recipe today. Every recipe I’ve emulated, the family loves. So easy to follow.
    Except when it takes you a few minutes to ‘prep,’ it takes me hours to dice everything, and worth every minute.

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