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GET PROMO CODES BELOW. Looking for some great gifts to give this Christmas? Check out my vegan gift guide for some …


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  1. My fiancé said he bought me a Michael kors purse and was going to surprise me this Christmas. When I told him I did not want something leather he immediately took it back and I'm now on the #gunas website via your recommendation. So excited!! All my makeup and body care is cruelty free so it'd be completely against my values to have a bag made from a dead body.

  2. I actually gave a Gunas bag to my mom for Christmas last year! I have two of my own and I get so many compliments on them. Have you heard of Matt and Nat, Candice? They are also a vegan leather handbag company but they are Canadian! I have heard great things about them but they don't ship free to US usually.

  3. I'm giving Schmidt's deodorant! I love it and found it to be the best natural/vegan deodorant! I also gifted some soy candles and a titanium spork 🙂

  4. I love your chanel! Great vegan recipes and advice for new and old vegans!! 😊 Two of the three things I'd like aren't fully realistic… but 1) would be to see everyone get what they want for the holidays 2) my cousin back (she passed away last year on the 21st)
    3) to finish my online classes and go to college
    What do you want for Christmas? 😊 xx

  5. I hope to get a new vacuum. But not any vacuum robot vacuum! Also I'm going to my in-laws for Christmas and I will be bringing lots of vegan dishes.

  6. I would love to have that juice cleanse that is a fantastic idea!
    And I will be in Kitchener, Ontario for Xmas ;] with the famjam!
    I go kookoo for Coco!

  7. I started watching your channel because my 13 year old. chose to be vegan. I'm so proud. What I want for Christmas, is to make my move go smoothly. We will be cooking dinner and watching movies!

  8. All I really want is the vegan tamales my mom makes for christmas! What I'm hoping to do is be able to see my family this Christmas.

  9. Hi EV I would love peace in the world for Christmas. But also the gift your giving away as living in South Australia, we don't get all the great things the USA has 🙁
    Merry Christmas to you and yours x

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