Christmas Yule Log Cake Recipe (Bûche De Noël)

This beautiful Yule Log cake is nothing short of delicious and absolutely will be the centerpiece of all your Christmas festivities.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Chef it is a mistake to put this on a white plate, glass is good. Also for the "bark", I lightly crinkle foil then flatten it out and grease it for the melted chocolate, then put that over the ganache when still not completely cool. I usually use a beaten egg white as the glue for the cranberries and rosemary, holly is also nice, nobody is going to eat that anyway. My 2 sense.

  2. It's beautiful, Chef, but I just watched an episode of Yule Log making on a Food Network competition, and not even those professionals could avert issues making this. The rolling alone: I'd be in tears lol.

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