Classic Chicken Francese Recipe

This incredibly easy-to-make Chicken Francese recipe is bursting with delicious lemon flavor and is the perfect weeknight meal.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I loved this recipe, I had an issue with the pasta. When I added the cheese it melted into a glob of melted cheese and would not mix with the water to make a sauce. It was like the consistency of a mozzarella stick when pulled apart.

  2. Made this tonight for dinner. It was delicious and my my 14 year old loved it! He normally does not like lemon dishes. I served it with your spaghetti recipe but sautรฉed some garlic first and then added the pasta, pasta water and cheese. Used what I had ( Pinot Grigio) white wine and it came out perfect! Thank you!!!

  3. 'Salty as the sea' Is PURE BS!! That is 35 grams of salt per liter! I am sick of many chefs and YouTube cooks repeating this lie!
    Try it! Tell us you just love pasta cooked this salty
    TRY IT!! 'Salty as the sea' is 3-1/2% salt!!

  4. Hi chef, Thank you, thank you for this recipe. I did fallow all fundamental cooking steps, like you said. All family liked, but my wife said what next time add capers. What do you think about this addition to you recipe. Thank you again chicken was very, very soft.

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  7. Made this yesterday, was so good. I love that you give the great advice to just use what you already have. I live in a very remote area so to get groceries is an hour round trip and most stores do not even have most of the ingredients. have now watched several of your videos and am trying more. you make it so easy. thank you!

  8. 0:30 how to make homemade Italian gelato. First, slice up half a medium onion, and one shallot.
    Just kidding my man. Another fabulous video as always. I'm stuck on your recipes.

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