Classic Eggs Benedict with Fool Proof Hollandaise Recipe

This classic Eggs Benedict Recipe is a delicious breakfast consisting of English muffins, poached eggs, Canadian bacon and a homemade hollandaise sauce.


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  1. Oh my god.. One of mt favorite breakfast.. The addition of wine brings the sauce to a whole new level. Thank you. I did it and enjoyed a lot. I used smoked salmon instead of bacon. It felt like a holiday meal.

  2. Had eggs Benedict for the first time at a restaurant owned by my dads friend. It was English muffin, cheese, roasted red pepper, mashed avocado, poached egg and hollandaise with a side of hash browns. Best breakfast I’ve had in a long time. Trying to replicate

  3. Dude, today i Did the exact same recipe you showed, and bro i gotta tell ya, for a first time it was absolutely amazing, i watched alot of different waays, and im brave to say even thou im Not a chef, this dude Gordon Ramsay is such and overrated amateur!! Thank you for this bro, im glad i learned it from you!!

  4. Me:* sees this* William get the knife
    William: why
    Me: look at this
    Will: looks
    Will again: yells ennard
    Ennard: what
    Will: look at this
    Ennard: ……..yells no not my eggs noooooooooooooooooo
    20 seconds later
    Ennard: he kind looks delicious though
    Michael: what are you guys looking at?
    Me: um….. Nothing ;-;
    Michael: looks what the fricken hell are you looking at
    Ennard: hurry guys take ourpt nap time so we can eat him while He's sleeping ÙwÚ
    Michael : I'

  5. Introduced my boyfriend to eggs benedict when we were in San Francisco Haha we were at the buena vista restaurant for brunch and man we loved the crabs cake benedict !
    Going to attempt this recipe☺️

  6. I made poached eggs for the first time ever this morning. Best eggs Ive ever had! It was either good luck or Im better at making eggs than I thought but man were they good.

  7. I've never had eggs benedict. Is it even that good? It always catches my eye but than when I go to inspect it, It looks so small.Like, I would still be starving after I eat it. So, I just go with breakfast burrito or omelette. Is eggs Benedict considered an appetizer?

  8. Pardon me, but I believe the foam that you are skimming off the butter to clarify it consists of the milk solids, not milk fats. Milk fat is the clarified butter itself. However, your recipe is excellent and well presented and yields a delicious result.

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