Classic French Coq Au Vin Recipe (Chicken Cooked In Wine)

Learn how to make this classic French recipe for coq au vin that is slow-cooked with vegetables and mushrooms in a delicious wine broth. Coq au vin translates …


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  1. I started for Ina Garten recipe but I like your better: she skips the marinade, add all wine to the pot (even as I set aside one glass for the cook, lol, it was too liquid at the end) and she adds olive oil before cooking the bacon (kind of redundant)

  2. hello, and thank you for this great video. I appreciate the quality of your content.
    how much work and passion you will put into it.
    I already have an idea on this method and I find it good: << @t >>.
    Do you think your method could help me even more?

  3. hi che bill! So I had to sub you becuase…. I love your videos and your page Keep up the good work! your doing an awesome job! I look forward to more recipes in the future! dont give up because I'm learning something new everyday thanks to your videos and your cooking talents thank you very much! U might like my latest video on my channel at "Nolla's Recipes"on YouTube stay connected and god bless~!!! I hope we can stay connected and grow together because your really are doing an amazing job:)))))!

  4. Recommending multi times the use of plastic bags over glass (or plastic) bowls with lid… … Seriously? It's already 2020, time to realize that Climate Change is real.

  5. Mr.P I will need to do study this recipe but I love it and I am going to make it thank you so much I’m going too share your and your recipe with my sister-in- law I know she would love your recipe thank you may God Bless 🙏

  6. I must say, your ability to convey so much information in such a short video makes it not only educational but so easy to digest ( no pun intended here ). Thanks for the amazing recipe. All the Best!

  7. Hey, studio??? Your kitchen looks great so definitely take your time on setting up the new studio. Still love your recipes and have tried many of them, and my family loves them too!!! Thx for teaching us those fundamental techniques.

  8. Another great clear, concise video. I love the NO over music.. I always think if I want music I will listen to Spotify. I want to watch listen and learn. Great video. Thanks

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