Classic French Onion Soup Recipe with Crostini and Gruyere Cheese

Not much out there that makes me happier than a delicious warm pot of soup, and more specifically French Onion Soup. If you make it you appreciate the robust …


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  1. Chef Billy, I think I've seen over fifty soup recipes, your video, look's the most interesting, so I'll b giving it ah go.
    You had me at cabernet, I knew this is the one when you added balsamic, I started drooling like Homer.
    I have two addresses, the market & home, I'm always @ one or the other. Bon Appetit !!!!! 🥂

  2. Interesting one coz' this is the first time i see chef adding red wine instead of white wine for onion soup, and add sugar into the soup when the onion is cameralised already … and the minced garlic ! kinda of spicy ~

  3. Great tutorial however I would slice the onions along the grain, salt the onions on a layered basis such as a tablespoon for every quarter of the onions, not use sugar at all and use chardonnay instead of reds. Garlic I don't mind though.

  4. Made this for my wife and she was blown away. Great balance of flavors and richness with the quality red. Subscribed and look forward to the next dinner.

  5. you are the best cook on youtube. nice style. tasty meals. today I made your dressing with wine vinegar and permazan cheese …. delicious. The paella with fish is delicious but I don't understand the Spaniards that they add chicken. I hope you will make Moroccan dishes. That is a different kitchen, but also insanely delicious.

  6. I made this recipe today as part of a personal mission I'm doing to cook one new recipe every week. I've never had french onion soup before and really wanted to try it and found this recipe first. It came out fantastic! So glad to have found this channel!!

  7. Чудовий варіант цього супчику. Якось смакувала його,…. але ваш виглядає більш смачним…! Дякую! …. дивилась вас с задоволенням!

  8. This is a well done video but the sugar seems to be a shortcut to truly caramelized onions? Great video otherwise. It's interesting to see different versions of a wonderful recipe. 🙂

    I have a couple of questions. I will edit as I watch because I am afraid I'll forget to ask. LOL!

    1) How come wine as opposed to something else? (I ask because I watched a video of French Onion soup before you that used bourbon to deglaze. It felt weird.) I'm guessing if I use beef stock, I should use a good red wine. If I use chicken stock, I should use a good white wine, right?

    2) How come you didn't butter and season both sides of the bread? Additionally, why didn't you use something like Sourdough? (My questions are dumb but they are legitimate. Genuinely want to learn. 😉 )

  9. Love your level of explanation- really helps someone who is trying to learn the science of cooking (can't afford to go to culinary school), so trying to learn on my own. I am passionate about flavor and the pleasure you can bring to someone's day by a great dish prepared with excellent ingredients and skill.

  10. The chef is kind enough to do this for people like me, who might not be as proficient in the kitchen as some
    Unsubscribef you don't like. Personally hes pretty damn good imo

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