Classic Vegan Comfort Food ( 3 EASY + VEGAN Snacks)

In today’s video I’m sharing some classic vegan comfort food recipes. These three easy and vegan snacks are healthy, simple, …


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  1. Another popcorn version is with apple pie spices, & melted butter or coconut oil.

    These were fun! I have never had a cucumber sandwich with cream cheese before and we always soaked the cucumber slices in a bit of vinegar quickly first. They all looked great! Greek salads are such a fave, I’m very likely to make your dip!

  2. This is a lovely series. Would you please show three vegan hardboiled or deviled eggs? Gaz Oakley has one in a dish at a restaurant. I think he shows it on YouTube. Others make a mold using agar agar for the white part, something else for the inside that resembles the yolk (Gaz has a sriracha type yolk, not really mimicking a yolk, but delicious). Tabitha Brown makes an "angel egg" out of white mushrooms with mashed chickpeas. People make similar with a scooped out potato. I think I've seen something with tofu but I'm not sure what or how.

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