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This simple face and body scrub smells like a vanilla latte and leaves skin silky smooth and moisturized. This beauty recipe is …


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  1. This was seriously awesome! I watch so many beauty gurus hoping one day they'll teach how to make something vegan like this and they don't. I loved this. You are truly talented! Love your channel!!!!

  2. Thanks for this, Candice.  Although I don't eat honey anymore, I have several jars of the crystallized kind in the back of the pantry.  I am using it up by making face and body scrubs with them, and wondered what to use as a base when the honey is gone.  Will keep this in mind!

  3. Brown sugar is not suitable for the face! It's a crystalline substance which causes micro-tears in the skin. 🙁 You may not see adverse reactions right away, but it causes lasting damage.

  4. So something else that would be great to add is vitamin D oil. It really helps create a nice glow to the skin instead of tanning. I found some wonderful vegan vitamin D oil online. Just another tip for anyone reading 🙂 love coffee scrubs.

  5. On today's episode of The Edgy Veg I am going to show you how to make my Espresso Coffee Scrub for face and body! So natural, you could eat it! … not that you should.

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