Coconut Chutney (South Indian Condiment) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Too complex procedure.Its not complex at all. No frying etc and Yoghurt is never heard of in Chutney.

    Coconut, Roasted gram ( not chana dhal ), ginger, garlic ( optional if you like flavor of garlic ), Salt, Chilli. Grind these to little coarse. No frying etc. All raw. Need not grind as you do. And pls use small jar for chutney.

    Season with mustard, curry leaves, hing and methi seeds ( very little for flavor else it will be bitter ). Thats it.

    Why is the coconut so white. Need not be. We can use the brownish part as well. It is not gonna do any harm. The brown part between the shell and the white is rich in many nutrients. Grate coconut using coconut scraper. We have machine scrapers in market. Or if not possible pls cut with the brown portion of coconut.

  2. Madam,

    Generally we do not take Channa dal for chutney.
    We use Roasted Gram which are called Dalia.
    Roasted gram gives a nice body to the chutney and a fine flavour too.
    Try it out some day.
    And yes, the amount of yogurt in your recipe seems to be a bit too much. About a table spoon of yogurt should do.
    We do not use sour chutney with Idli or Dosai.

  3. hi manjula
    coconut chutney came out very well. i live in australia. i tried this with frozen coconut. still it came out very well. thank u.
    pl post many more south indian receipes. see u.

  4. Hello Aunty !! Its really great of you to teach us such easy ways to cook. We stay in Indonesia, and with help of your videos, its become very easy to teach local maid all this Indian food. Keep up the good work and enlighten us with more recipes. Thanks once again.

  5. Thank you – I'm really pleased with my chutney. It is one of my favourite dishes and I've been meaning to try making it for years. It's wonderful to discover just how easy it is to make. I tried with creamed coconut and fresh. Both worked but the fresh is better. We had to reduce the amount of green chillies – we enjoy it a bit milder.
    As for how long it can last in the fridge – I can't see it lasting more than a day or two at the most in our fridge – far too popular 🙂
    Thanks again,

  6. @ImaLanger Till Manjula replies…Yes if there are still some ground coconut pieces in the 'cream' you can. Sometimes there are frozen coconut blocks, or hardened coconut blocks for sale, in the Asian shops or supermarkets. Brand I use is called 'Renuka' and comes from Sri Lanka. This you can keep in the fridge and cut pieces off with a sharp knife even when you want 2 add coconut taste to curries. Use the whole block for the chutney, @ room temp, flake it with a fork for coconut texture.

  7. hey manjula aunty ,

    i am from Chennai ,India the recipe looks absolute yum and nice..I have always been following Ur recipes most of the time …when we prepare coconut chutney,,,never tried adding yogurt…sounds different may be i need to try

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