Coconut Dream Dessert (Vegan) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Is the coconut milk the kind you buy in the regular grocery stores nowadays in the chilled section or is it from a can? It looks thicker than the drinking-type coconut milk that is so common today.

  2. Sounds very yummy. Would it be alright to put honey or agave syrup instead of the sugar? Love your vegan recipes and hope you add more like these. Thanks

  3. if you use regular milk (whole, skim or whatever) but wouldnt be vegan. As vegans do not use ANY animal products. (milk is an animal product)

  4. Dear Aunti-ji
    thank you for your up load.
    I would like to know what is the difference between this and coconut barfi?
    Many thanks
    and keep up the great work

  5. Aunty you can also use sea moss also known as irish moss instead of the agar-agar. I think they might even be the same thing just that the agar-agar is in powder form.

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