Cooking a 50-Person Meal With Leftovers: Family Meal Challenge • Tasty

Marcus Samuelsson challenges his pastry chef, Tiffany Jones, to cook a staff meal at Red Rooster Harlem for 50 people using only leftovers. Will she be able to …


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  1. Tiff is a WHOLE vibe. I remember I was visiting my cousin in Harlem and Red Rooster was right across the way. Excited to visit, one day but sad I didn't go when I was there. :-{

  2. Chef Sue here – This is such an inspiration. I work alone so family meal is what I cook at home just for my roommate and myself. Marsha, my roommate, challenges me a lot – but since we're basically from the same ethnic background, the challenges are to find dishes she (who suffers a lot of food allergies) can eat – and make them delicious. I love goat – she, not so much. I wonder if your pastry chef would share her goat recipe though because it looked so delicious.

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