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  1. Hi Chef Billy, I missed the live. Smoke detector fun , but I laughed when you said Querétaro ( no in the bad way) I am from South America and my husband from KS he has the same problem with Qu in Spanish to pronounce it lol. (Qu = K ) the rest you said right Querétaro = Keretaro. Thank you for all your good recipes, I have been cooking a lot of them. Many blessings and success. 👍🏻🆙

  2. Thank you Chef Billy, for all the great recipes! I have successfully tried many of them.
    Enjoyed todays Q&A……Especially the smoke alarm excitement !!

  3. Ok the smoke detector made me laugh!😂. I live in a small 2 bedroom condo and I have a small galley style kitchen and the closet inside my door is all pantry and storage for small appliances etc. I have an electric stove( I manage quite well) but I set off my smoke detector almost every time I sear meat. Especially anything beef🤣. Then I gotta do the fanning thing🤣. Waving my arms and a piece of paper. I have to remember to make sure the fan over the stove is on🤣. My cats are hiding in the meantime.

  4. Hi Chef Billy, Any suggestion about how to get rid of the chlorine smell from cooked chicken? I have the nose of a hound and I can smell it even in organic ones

  5. Hey Chef Billy,….. Thanks for all you do! Have you thought about doing a video on Tiramisu? I would love to know your take on this. I have attempted it a couple of times, and it was good, but not quite as great as eating out. I expect there are some techniques I just need to improve upon. Thanks

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