Country Style Meatloaf Recipe

This easy to make meatloaf recipe is the ultimate comfort food made from few ingredients and that is guaranteed to bring smiles …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Hi chef,
    It's second time I cooked meatloaf fallow your recipe.
    I do liked what let's your subscribers use anything we want. Thanks again your recipe is the best what I try. And I like your expression when you present new recipes 👍.

  2. Hi Chef, I did meatloaf fallow all your steps. Effect amazing and you right meatloaf was very juicy. Thank you very much. I’m subscribed for your channel and waiting new amazing recipes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you and your family.

  3. I read a bunch of the reviews and they turned out good for everybody but my experience was it was mushy so I must not of got enough water out of it but it tasted good I’ll try it again

  4. Well I’m sorry to say that this is not old school meatloaf. Old school meatloaf and the correct way of making it is equal parts beef ground pork and veal. If you can’t find the veal then at least A mixture of beef and pork. Also that Beef should be no leaner than 85-15. When adding diced vegetables like bell peppers and onions they should be sautéed for a few moments in butter to soften them up a bit and we all know that butter makes everything taste better anyway. The garlic crusher was invented for people who were lazy or just didn’t know how the diced garlic just my opinion. The wet bread is a good thing I always did 50-50 half water half milk. The key to a good meatloaf is also not overworking the meat. That is why the eggs should be whipped first and then added to the meat putting the eggs in the whole you have to really work it through to get it equal. One of the keys to a great meatloaf is also nice crust on the outside. You cannot achieve that putting it in a loaf pan. The loaf pan was originally for bread and some people start putting their meat in it because meatloaf kept falling apart. Form your meatloaf and put it on a greased cookie sheet. If making a 2 pound meatloaf in addition to the wet bread also add a quarter cup of dried breadcrumbs. This will not dry out the meatloaf because you are starting with a good consistent the meat of 80-20 or at least 80-15 with pork. Also note if you are adding mushrooms and some people do just remember the mushrooms will make your meatloaf moist so the breadcrumbs will help. So it is not my intent to criticize this recipe I just read some of the reviews and when people started calling it all school and other people saying they never made a meatloaf before I just thought I would jump in. I made 40 meatloaves every Wednesday for 15 years for a restaurant in Pittsburgh and they never had leftovers on Thursday lol. Making a healthy versus of meatloaf with ground turkey or chicken it’s just not meatloaf there are some things that just shouldn’t be messed with. Never buy generic ketchup or mayonnaise and I’m also partial to namebrand mustard.
    I’m sure this recipe that you see is working for some people and that’s great.
    Bon appétit

  5. I've made many good Meatloaf's. I used your recipe and my husband had 3 servings. He was Sooooo impressed and asked me why I whated so long to make it and that's it's been years that I didn't make it. I made one 2 months ago and he said impossible. Delicious 👌😋

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