Cozy Vegan Soups that are CHEAP & DELICIOUS (Recession Proof and Easy to Make)

Join me in the kitchen as we whip up three incredibly delicious and oh-so-easy vegan soups! From a tangy dill pickle soup that’ll …


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  1. I’ve been vegan for 2 months and your videos have made the transition very easy!! I made my first tofu scramble yesterday (using your recipe) and it was very good!! ❤

  2. “Oh my whaaaat WHAT 😮” was my reaction upon tasting the dill pickle soup. I made it just like your recipe and oh my word EVERYBODY YOU MUST MAKE THIS 😋

  3. I made the dill pickle soup. It's delicious. I'm eating it right now! I would highly recommend. I made croutons out of rye bread. I sprayed them with olive oil, garlic powder and onion granules. Air fried them for 10 minutes. They're perfect with this soup. I'd never had tried this in a million years but I trust you Candice and you did not let me down! Thanks

  4. For the pickle soup, in Lithuania we also would put barley in it. Obviously we never put coconut milk, I'm assuming it's a substitute for sour cream, because a dallop would go in at the end, when you serve it.

  5. I just bought your new book. I wanted to support your work. Thanks for being awesome and so generous to your viewers. I will be making your pea soup today! ❤

  6. I cannot wait to make the pickle soup. It looks amazing! Tomorrow is my weekly grocery shop and I'll be getting whatever I don't already have to make it. I think a chunk of crusty rye bread is the best choice to have with this soup

  7. 謝謝video團隊、和可愛的Candice。每次看著Candice 在廚房內像變魔術一樣,就ASMR。在微涼的秋天煮一鍋暖暖的湯。舒服又幸褔。❤

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