Creamy Vanilla Rice Pudding Recipe

This delicious classic creamy vanilla rice pudding recipe topped off with raisins is the perfect after-dinner dessert or daytime treat. Ingredients for this recipe: • 1 …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Not a traditional rice pudding…the British invented it…always use pudding rice and cook in the oven along side anything else you need to cook saves fuel 👍and cook for hours…look up some British recipes…just thought I would tell you…x

  2. Edith from Singapore!🇸🇬
    Than you for sharing!!
    I love your persona.!
    It is so inviting and encouraging to home cooking!
    Teaching flavorsome, delicious foods with versatility and professionalism.

  3. I used this recipe and loved it. I tweaked it a bit however. I used cloves cardamom and a cinnamon stick as well as vanilla extract. I also prefer mine hot. But this is the best video explaining how to make it

  4. Made this today. My mom and grandma used to make this all the time. My kids love it but I had never dared. Really easy but I had to add more milk since it evaporated and cooked it a bit longer…I guess my rice was bit tough. Is it weird that I like it warm?

  5. I am so very impressed with your recipes and the way you explain: you are so down to earth and make it sound extremely easy, which most recipes actually are!
    Love your videos but above all the link so that you can get the measurements and are able to print everything right away….
    Thank you so much …..

  6. I tried this recipe and my rice never fully cooked! I tried covering it with a lid and letting the steam help cook it and nothing was working. When I finally stopped cooking (well over 20-25 minutes) there were STILL some crunchy pieces!

  7. I love rice pudding!! I'm going to try yours, I've tried food networks recipe and it came out really dry and clumpy?! 🤞hope this turns out good😋

  8. Great video.

    What would the temperature get up to while it's cooking? I ask because some of vanilla's 500 or so different flavor molecules – it's the most complex flavor by far – begin to break down at 161 F (72 C).

  9. Oh my goodness, I love rice pudding! It's a staple in our family and your recipe is great. Growing up in a European house, we make big batches and eat it warm for breakfast or before going to bed to kind of wind down. It's so versatile! Thanks for this!

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