CREAMY VEGAN MUSHROOM PASTA | Cooking with Almond Breeze | The Edgy Veg

Today on The Edgy Veg I am going to show you how to make a creamy mushroom pasta. This creamy pasta is a dream for all you …


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  1. I also used sun dried tomatoes finely chopped which I added with the mushrooms and substituted the peas for spinach (I didn't have peas) and these work very well!! I have to say the sauce was creamy and absolutely delicious wow! To achieve that consistency without using cashew nuts or vegan cream etc…is just amazing. Thank you so much lovely lady!!😍🥰

  2. i just got done making this today… was so good,it would of tasted great if my husband would of told me that he handed me coconut alond milk in the measuring cup :/ it still tasted good though,next time it will taste great& i'll handle the almond milk&not him!

  3. Just made this for dinner tonight! My husband and I really enjoyed it! Followed the recipe exactly, used Banza Linguine for the pasta and it came out great! I'll definitely be making this again, might even become one of our staples!! Thanks EdgyVeg! 😘

  4. Your video was great. I knew Almonds grew on 🌲 because I am a horticulturist it's my job to know that. I have previously made mushroom pasta but I have also made a mushroom mixed bean smokey stew which is served with rice or pasta.

  5. Ok. Truthfully, I'm so full I just want to lay down and go to sleep but I had to leave a comment first. I had this for dinner tonight and it was absolutely amazing. It was so good that I ate a second helping even after I was full just because it tasted so good. It was wonderful. Creamy, cheesey, and delicious and so easy to make. I shared it with a non-vegan friend and she loved it as well. Thank you so much for this recipe. Ok. I've really got to sleep this off now. I'm stuffed!

  6. I tried it with fettuccine noodles, it was so good! I used whole wheat flour instead of almond flour but it still turned out wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!

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