Crème Anglaise – Delicious Vanilla Bean Custard Sauce with Fresh Berries

The star of this dessert is the crème anglaise – a sweet, custard-like sauce that gets spooned over the mixed berries. It sounds …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Beautiful recipe Billy, thanks! I've made crème anglaise a couple of times, but just as you said, paying attention and patience are key here. We have blackberries in our garden and just recently I discovered a raspberry plant! I guess it came from my myneighbour, bc she has some beautiful raspberries… Maybe I should make her this crème anglaise one day, you know, as a thank you gesture lol I too believe in organic, it's not always possible, and it's a bit tricky, but with berries and fruits, I'd say yes! Do you buy in farmers markets? I like to do that, so to support locally grown produce. Thanks for this, now I need to make this or the creme brûlée… Maybe both! 😂

  2. Oh wow that is decadence at its best! And I love that you have not used any cornstarch which tends to give a gloopy texture. Just wondering if whole milk might work instead of heavy cream? Or a combination of the two?

  3. As always I appreciate your time to share these wonderful videos with amazing recipes!, I was wondering…do you think I could make it in the double boiler, would it help from burning?, Or scramble?

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