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  1. I try this at home. It taste bad because of cumin. Maybe i just wasted my time and money. This is not fit for asians. Maybe you put specific people can eat this kind of food

  2. Tried this recipe and it tastes good. At first, I was weirded out, but it was surprising good. Goes well with honey.
    My husband liked it with his honey Sriracha. Though, next time, I’ll try to switch Cumin w/something else. Not a big fan of that spice. Also.. Best to marinate it overnight. Overall, its good. Will keep this in my personal recipe book👌🏼

  3. ahhh a vid of honey glazed chicken beck then where there aren't any mindless influenced kids commenting:
    tasty: (adds honey on chicken)
    K!dZ: NnuoO0'0uoO

    like bruh Honey glazed chicken is one of the best the world has tasted and it CAN'T be ruined by this upcoming generation of kids

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