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  1. You can have about (not exactly) the same taste making normal pancakes, with the same recipe.

    They will not grow vertically in the pan, but in energy, they will only cost a fraction of the price.

  2. This is not so simple to make and y will need a cast iron pan that you will need to become very hot in the oven. When it is hot your have to put a little bit of butter,and before it gets cold your dough. This is what makes it growing the side.

    Dutch pancakes are tasty, and easy to make providing you have the proper equipment, you go fast, and you don't burn yourself.

    Of course, you say nothing about that, and I take it for a lack of honesty.

    In addition, due to the high price of energy, it's not really a cheap dish.

    To prove me right, look at the pan in her video: it's cast Iron.

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