Dahi bhindi okra in yogurt gravy, delicious side dish by manjula

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  1. Hello there !
    We love okra and I was making this dish – before adding the yogurt I had reduced heat to the minimum , but the yogurt still split , and the dish had become kind of sour.I do understand, that this sour taste is from the yogurt itself .
    Please , if you can, tell me what was wrong – why the yogurt even on low heat had split ? We had been cooking using yogurt for very long time and never dish had become so sour…. so I add some sugar to it to straighten the taste out …. so, why the dish got so sour- is the second question. Thank you very much for your answer!

  2. I made this for dinner last night and it was as simple and delicious as the video shows! I didn't have besan flour so substituted all purpose. This will be one of my go to quick and easy meals to make. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. manjula aunti pls.teach us how to make baraf ka gola.and also different syrups we use on them. now a days it is very very hot in india.so pls.pls. do us a favour without delay

  4. I love all the clever tips embedded in the recipe such as (1) frying the okra which helps "seal" in the gummy juices, preventing a gloopy dish. Sometimes we want okra to thicken a dish, but some folks don't like the "slimy" quality, so frying / sauteeing it first helps prevent this. (2) the use of besan flour to thicken, but also stabilise the yoghurt, preventing it from curdling / splitting too much. (3) frying the powdered spices after yoghurt has been added, as powdered spices burn very easily and can become very bitter. So many pro-tips in there, Aunty – it must come from years of cooking! Much love and respect!!

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