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  1. One of my all time favourites. Thank you for sharing. It took me 10 years of unsuccessful trials to make this dish until I discovered I had to soak them in water first:-) Love, peace and justice.

  2. I have seen some people use this recipe by using curd water for better flavor. Any thoughts? Thank you for it. I will be using it. Very nice video as all yours are.

  3. Aunty I made the vadas and froze them without soaking them in water. To serve, how long do i soak in hot water? Should I defrost first before soaking? And how hot should the water be? Boiling?

  4. mam did u cooked vada on slow /medium/high flame??i m always confused wid the flame intensity..thats y scared to try fried food..some soak extra oil,sum are left uncooked from inside..plz help mam

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