Daiya Vegan Macaroni and Cheese (Dairy-free Recipe) | The Edgy Veg

Can you help me get to 300 likes on this video? You love Daiya vegan cheese!! If you’re like me, you can turn this dairy free …


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  1. I wish I could taste this through the screen. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I am always happy to learn new dairy free recipes from talented creators like you. I look forward to learning more recipes from you. I cook a lot and make cooking videos too so I am always looking for new ideas. Lets learn more from each other!

  2. Well, I just recently subscribed so I'm catching up on 4 years of videos, but my thought on this one is…. you can't cook without your teeth, can you?? 😉 Loving your channel and recommending it to all my kids (who converted to vegan when they saw the results on my health.)!

  3. i cant wait for diaya shreds or slices to say "new and improved…for real this time we added flavor and no more aftertaste of puke gas!". they lied to me it was not new or improved it was still gross. acquired taste my toe.

  4. I just went from vegetarian to vegan about a month ago and I was only vegetarian for about a month and you have made this so easy for me. I just made the mac and cheese a couple hours ago and omg It tasted better than regular Mac and cheese!!! ❤❤

  5. you vegans are funny…I've tried so many vegan cheeses and they suck..I've been doing vegan cheeses for at least a year…ill stick to normal cheese…

  6. I tried this an Instagrammed you (no reply) and it was incredible! Better than the real thing and I know cos I used to be Vegetarian

  7. Hey ! I'm new here but anyways, your hilarious lol. i love your channel. i bought the boxed mac and cheese from daiya and they are pretty good too.but i definitely like to make my own with the cheddar.

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