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  1. Thank you for this recipe aunty. I tried the baati your way in oven and it turned out great. Just used water instead of milk because I'm trying to go vegan. Still used the ghee which my mom had sent me. I need to finish it.

  2. Hello Manjula, thanks, once again, for another great video and for showing us all how to make this dish. I made Dal Bati yesterday and it turned out great. It is a pity this recipe requires so much ghee as it makes it so unhealthy and therefore, not something to have on a regular basis.

  3. Thank you Manjulaji; this is the perfect recipe for baati! Mine came out crisp on the outside n moist inside. I flipped them every 10 mins n moved them around for an even bake. I was done in 40 mins. 350F is the perfect temperature. Another tip is not to work the dough too much to avoid chewiness.

  4. Manjulaji, whenever I tried your recipe, It was success every time time. You are such a graceful lady and so sweet. you explain everything so well. thank you so much.

  5. Namaste! My son is volunteering in Udaipur for two months, today he wrote to me that his favorite food in India is Dal Bhaati. I did a quick online search and found your video. Thank you. Not only do I feel like I could make this when he comes home, I feel closer to him because I can see through you what he is eating. Thank you, Dear Lady.

  6. normal dal cooking takes 15 min.

    in a pressure cooker, it takes 3-5 min before pressure is sufficient. then another 7 min of boiling. then you wait for another 10 min for the steam to escape…
    thats over 20 min. where is the time save with a pressure cooker?

  7. when I purchase daals how do we know if it is skin-on or skin- off will it say on package? is whole daal always with skin-on and split type with skin off??..confused here.. thanks for recipes manjula

  8. Hi Mrs.Manjula, I just wanted to know if I can skip ghee ??? Can't I just make the normal batter with water and add baking powder and bake ??? Does it work ??? I just want to skip the ghee part,coz it's looking way tooo much.
    Btw I love the recipe 🙂

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