Date and Raisin Chutney Recipe by Manjula, Indian Gourmet Cuisine

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  1. I have seen some make chutney with brown sugar as first ingredient and then simply throw everything else in on top with a little white wine vinegar??? There does not seem to be a right or wrong way to make chutney provided it tastes good once it's finished???

  2. Will it be good if I coarsely grind all the ingredients? Can i use green cardomom instead of black if it is not available? thanks fo rthe recipe. I will definitely try this.

  3. Your recipes are fantastic, however, the reason why I can't try most of them is because it's SUCH A PAIN to go out and hunt for the ingredients. Thanks for the recipes though.

  4. If you wish to preserve the chutney you can add half a cup of apple cider vinegar at the end and keep it in a glass jar in the cupboard for a couple of months (if you can resist eating it, that is).

  5. Hi, aunty (as they kindly use to call you) Manjula! 😀 It's been a while now since my last visit and I am so pleased to see the progresses: new kitchen (is it from a new house?) and your new look. You're looking fantastic!! I really appreciate it all! Many warm wishes and regards directly from Lisbon, Portugal. Cheers. *

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