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  1. I had fried ice cream couple of days back and i wanted to make it so bad , i really love this recipe but i added a few more on it,
    scoop the ice-cream in a perfect ball.
    get a bread or flat cake with the edges trimmed off and roll the ice cream it.
    I Prepare a tempura batter , add ice cold water for the batter to be extra crispy
    i added a spoon of vanilla essence and cinnamon and powder sugar.
    Roll it in the tempura batter and then i prepared another bowl with crushed cornflakes and roll it there then after.
    fry it about 10- 15 secs in the oil. Probably about 177' C NOT sure though.
    if you using a pot of oil at home trust your guts .
    Finish it off by a chocolate syrup drizzle and a crunchy coconut flakes.

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