Delicious Chicken Tinga Taco Recipe

This Chicken Tinga Recipe is a delicious blend of roasted vegetables and chipotle peppers braised with chicken to make an …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Never in a million years did I think I would try a Mexican recipe from a Gringo. Well, Chef Parisi…. I'm "in love" with your recipes, your techniques and your personality. My parents are Mexican and I lived in Mexico for 10 years. Living in Canada (and born Canadian), my love language has always been food. Delicious food transports me to some of the best times of my life, when I was growing up in Mexico. Now, I love having my friends over for delicious meals and good music. That is how I express to them how much they mean to me. Since I discovered you, on YouTube, I have cooked a handful of your wonderful recipes and I have been so happy with them that I have incorporated them into my "love language recipe guide". So, thank you so much for being YOU and for sharing your love of cooking with us. With gratitude, Samantha Lopez.

  2. I've wanted to try this but the word tinga seemed spicy to me. I'm a baby when it comes to spice as well, my palette is not cut out for it, lol. Now that I know it's not spicy I'm going to try it.

  3. Enjoy all your videos. Just made this and it is so satisfying to braise a whole chicken like this and pull it off so easily. Only question is what's the point of getting a good sear on it if we just pull the skin off?

  4. Your version of Tinga de pollo is different to the authentic one, but your version looks very good, I should prepare it your way also 😋
    We eat the tinga de pollo with tostadas covered with sour cream.
    I teach Authentic Mexican food classes. I was born in Mexico, now I live in USA. Thank you for all your tasty recipes you share with us. Try your recipe with tostadas covered with sour cream 😉

  5. I made this, and it was delicious. I made the veggie roast mine, by adding some peppers. It added a little sweet. Used it over rice. Yummy. Thank you for the receipt. I think it will become a staple.

  6. I made this last night & everyone loved it! My kids were able to enjoy it too bc it’s not spicy hot! I also made your lasagna the other day & my daughter said it was the best I’ve ever made ☺️. I’m making your cheesecake today! Can you tell that I’m obsessed with your channel! 😂

  7. omg I made this last night using shredded pork. 2 cookie sheets of tomatillos, tomatoes, 3 different kinds of chilies, garlic, and onions. I have 3 Mason jars for future meals!!! excellent recipe!

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