Delicious Classic Steak Diane Recipe + Creamy Cognac Sauce

Impress your family and guests with this delicious classic steak Diane recipe with a tasty mushroom sauce that comes together in …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. What an excellent recipe chef. When I worked as the grill cook at a little steakhouse/bar in Montana when I was in college, I would save and use the trimmings from steaks that we cut throughout the week as the base to make a quarter pan of Diane sauce for a Sunday special and use grilled flat iron steaks for the protein. I was the first cook to make Steak Diane there and the place had been open for 70+ years. Sold out the special every Sunday!

  2. So, I’m late to the Steak Diane party but what garlic press do you use? The entire recipe looks delicious and we will make it soon but the garlic press is much better than what we have.

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