Delicious Pesto Pasta Recipe

Pesto Pasta is a delicious easy to make main entrée loaded up with cheese, pine nuts, olive oil and amazing fresh basil flavor.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. The pine nuts don't cause the reaction that you had for the general population. What you likely have is oral allergy syndrome.

    Oral allergy syndrome (OAS) is a less threatening allergic condition most commonly associated with specific fruits and vegetables (Table 1). The oropharyngeal symptoms are not experienced with cooked foods, only those that are raw. Eating the raw food will cause an allergic reaction, which is most often tingling and/or itching of the mouth, nose, and throat. For some patients, peeling fruit, like apples or nectarines, can eliminate the risk of reaction. 
    Oral allergy syndrome is an IgE-mediated immune response. The allergens that cause this response are denatured by stomach acid, so the reaction usually stops as soon as the food is swallowed. Therefore, OAS rarely causes severe or systemic symptoms.
    OAS does not typically appear in young children. The onset is more common in older children, teens, and young adults. Often people with OAS can eat certain fruits and vegetables for years without issues. People with OAS often are previously allergic to birch, ragweed, or grass pollens. OAS is often referred to as pollen-food syndrome and is caused by cross-reactions with pollens in raw fruits, vegetables, and some tree nuts. Additionally, there is evidence that when tropical foods initiate OAS, allergy to latex may be the underlying cause.
    Unlike testing for other allergies, the most accurate test for diagnosing OAS is an oral challenge test with suspected foods. It is imperative that the actual, raw foods are used in the testing. A thorough history is crucial to detect any potential allergens that may be related. Treatment involves peeling or cooking the offending foods. Patients who experience more severe or systemic symptoms should be prescribed injectable epinephrine.3

    Birch Pollen
    Grass Pollen
    Ragweed Pollen
    Sunflower Seeds

    Eat well…

  2. Thank you for this great recipe and always thanking you for including the ingredients and measurements in your description 🌞
    May I please add, Sicilians and Italians put grated cheese in their coffee. The culture would not thrive without this cheese and secret ingredient! PECORINO ROMANO can be bought grated or buy in a block and freshly grate over food, before eating. Put a bowl of this grated cheese on the table or put a solid block on a plate with a grater and hve people grate the cheese over their food at the table, whenever they want "more cheese" – that's how we did it. If you buy a block it must be kept moist. Wrap it in a damp cloth or napkin in a ziplock plastic bag, air out. Don't let it dry out! Salads, meats, pasta, sandwiches, soups may I have a little pasta with my cheese, please? Seriously, your ship is sunk without this cheese. I could never forget my mom making this pesto by hand. No machines.
    Thank you for two great recipes 👍

  3. Billy, thanks for this. The thing is I once had this dish in a restaurant, not in Italy and not an Italian restaurant, but they had it on the menu. It was bad, swimming in pesto 😫 after that I just couldn't have it ever again, so I agree with you made at home, fresh ingredients and made with love and care makes a universe of a difference. I love pasta, I love pesto so I must try again, and adding chicken makes it even yummier. Will definitely try it. Thank you so much!!!! 👏

  4. 🇨🇾 here in Cyprus we have indigenous types of basil, wild longish leaf variety tinged slightly with purple- long green leafed or very fine bushy small leafed … among many other very aromatic basils..Is it ok to use these in place of the mild delicate Genovese variety used in pesto, obviously the aroma is slightly different , as these 🇨🇾basils are much more robust, except for the bushy small leafed basil with aromas of lemon …evcharisto! thanks

  5. I love this stuff. I made it an hour ago! I made a smoke turkey pesto panini with sun-dried tomatoes with a piece of smoked Gouda cheese. Mmmm mmm Thanks Billy!😋👩🏽‍🍳🍷♥️

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