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After receiving many requests for a vegan version of Burger King’s Mac n Cheetos Candice has come up with a truly tasty version …


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  1. FYI The same brand of the "cheddar" chips (earth balance) makes cheeto-like puffs too!! ;D They're white cheddar and I like the flavor soooooo much better than their "cheddar" chips. It's less of a fake cheese flavor and honestly super close to regular cheetos so I think these would be great with those as well! I've found them at whole foods and some health food stores as well as on amazon and vitacost! Awesome recipe btw thank you! <3

  2. O.M.Geeeee!!!! You guys are awesome! I've been spending years adapting recipes (especially copycats) so they're vegan or vegetarian (cough forgive me). I'm soooooo glad I found your channel. My wife and I are going to spend the weekend experimenting with all your yummy goodness…THANK YOU!!!

  3. Bit of a vague request, but it's tricky to find vegan hot dogs where I live in the UK (middle of nowhere). Any chance you have a recipe to make your own? Would really appreciate it as the CRAVINGS ARE REAL! Love your channel, thanks for all the great recipes xx

  4. Lol I LOVE You!!! You are so flippin hilarious!!! Great video! I'll make these for my hubby, who's a carnivore and my daughter, who's a veghead like me!!! <3

  5. what egg replacer did you use. I have such a big problem everytime use egg replacers. I basically just eat things that don't contain eggs normally so I don't have to mimic the eggs

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